ChatGPT Plus or Claude Pro

ChatGPT Plus or Claude Pro

In recent years, the evolution of artificial intelligence has brought us large language models that are transforming our interaction with technology. Although OpenAI's ChatGPT, which created GPT models, is considered a market leader, other companies are also making progress. One such company is Anthropic, which has created the assistant In this article, we will compare the commercial versions of these assistants, discussing their advantages, disadvantages, and other important aspects.

Language Models

Both ChatGPT and Claude currently have three language models.


  • GPT-4o – the latest and most advanced model;
  • GPT-4 – an advanced model for complex tasks;
  • GPT-3.5 – suitable for everyday work.


  • Claude 3.5 Sonnet – the most advanced model;
  • Claude 3 Opus – best for text writing and complex tasks;
  • Claude 3 Haiku – the fastest model for everyday tasks.

Platforms and Devices

Both assistants are accessible via browser, but their support for mobile devices differs. ChatGPT has iOS and Android apps available for all plans, while Claude has only an iOS app, available exclusively with the Professional or Team plan.

Customized Work with Data

One of the most important aspects when choosing such assistants is their ability to work with your data, not just the basic model knowledge, which will always be outdated and based only on publicly available information. In this area, ChatGPT and Claude have different advantages:

  • ChatGPT Plus allows the creation of a custom GPT assistant for specific functions. When creating a custom GPT model, you can specify instructions on how the assistant should respond. For example, an assistant specializing in a specific field such as medicine, law, or finance can be created, providing answers and recommendations based on the knowledge and rules of that field (e.g., ChatGPT translator for Lithuanian-English, English-Lithuanian languages). ChatGPT also has the capability to connect external information sources through APIs, allowing the assistant to receive the latest data and information from reliable sources. For example, by connecting a financial data API, the assistant can provide real-time market information and analysis, or by connecting a weather forecast API, it can provide accurate and up-to-date weather data.
  • Claude Pro allows you to create a project with your files, based on which the assistant will interact with you. This is particularly useful when working with specific data or documents, such as internal company documentation, technical specifications, scientific articles, etc. By uploading documents to the project, Claude can analyze them, answer questions, and provide insights based on your files. This feature allows the creation of a highly customized and context-adapted conversation assistant.

Plans and Pricing

Both ChatGPT and Claude offer a free limited plan to try assistant's capabilities. For those wanting to use more features and get higher performance, paid plans are available for individuals and teams. Individual plans, aimed at personal users, cost $20 per month (excluding VAT) in both cases (ChatGPT and These plans provide access to all assistant features and a higher number of queries. For team plans, that are intended for businesses and organizations, different prices and conditions apply. The ChatGPT team plan costs $25 per month per user, with a minimum of 2 users. The team plan costs $30 per month per user, with a minimum of 5 users.

Other Advantages and Features

  • Online search: ChatGPT can search for information on the internet and output it to the user. At this moment Claude cannot access the internet. This can be useful when quick answers or additional latest information is needed during a conversation.
  • Programming code generation: Claude has additional features for generating and displaying programming code. This can help write, test, and visualize things, which is especially useful for programmers and technology enthusiasts.
  • Custom GPT store: ChatGPT has a custom GPT store where users can share their custom assistants with others. This makes it easy to find and use specialized GPTs for various tasks and fields, such as writing, programming, data analysis, etc.


Both ChatGPT Plus and Claude Pro are highly advanced and versatile LLM assistants with their advantages and disadvantages. ChatGPT stands out with its custom GPT function, allowing the creation of customized assistants, connecting external data sources through APIs. This provides great flexibility and application possibilities for various projects and business needs. Additionally, ChatGPT can search for information on the internet. Claude excels in programming code generation and display. It allows the creation of projects with personal documents, which is particularly relevant when working with documentation or technical specifications.

In summary, both ChatGPT Plus and Claude Pro are capable and versatile conversation assistants that can enhance productivity, simplify task execution, and accelerate decision-making in many areas. The final choice will depend on specific needs, available data, and document specifics. If possible, we recommend trying both.